The cold hearted truth.

FACT: You're struggling with at least one of these, if not all. You're spending $thousands$ on them in the hopes that they all work together. News flash, they don't. When you need more sales, do you hire managers or producers? Step away from companies who are only managing.

Social Media

Stop, you're posting too much and some of you to nobody. Your post are bland and non-engaging. You need a new fresh look to capture attention. Hundreds of post a day in their timeline, you got scrolled by.


When's the last time you updated your service ads? Sales staff? How about that main header? Also, why does it look rushed and blurry? Your site provider doesn't care about your site, EVEN IF you're paying them that outrageous extra fee.

Email Campaign

Inform customers with custom emails that are visually engaging. Campaign correctly, don't wait until your customer is turning in their lease. Remind them about early turn in options. Send out service coupons, sale reminders, how about happy birthday?

Sales & Service Ads

Sales and Service ads are some of the biggest missed opportunities. Get away from the generic ads you've been fed for years. Get personalized designs.


If your not using video as another form of advertising on social media and email campaigns you're missing out. You either don't know how or are putting out simple generic videos. Let us help you step it up with monthly content.


Your BDC or reps have no structure. They're making their own emails up that don't follow your image or brand. They're struggling to keep up with task and spend more time typing rather than calling.

What we do

We focus on bringing car dealers and small businesses into the modern age. Media is the #1 thing seen today. We focus strictly on that and building your image with the following. Weekly social media post, email campaigns, BDC setup, monthly sale ad design, videos, and website management. 

Behind the scenes.

Jordan L. Mendez

I spent my entire 20's in the car business (19-29). I learned early on 99% of dealers have no idea what they're doing with their media presence. I found my edge in BDC, I enjoyed producing content and revamping the dealers social footprint on the web. I watched multiple dealers throw money at different companies to handle their media

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Happily servicing New Orleans, LA and the surrounding Gulf States. 


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